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Doing healthy white-collar vitamin is crucial

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The white-collar is current most the office worker of envy letting a person. Very straight suit, polite bearing, beating the computer adeptly, appearing all over contemporaryBreath, but, nervous job, intense competition, want those who beg knowledge to reach change with each passing day newlier, everyd上海水磨

ay life rhythm go up quickly only accelerate, because, 上海品茶工作室
knowledge gives efficiency, time is money.

The white-collar clansman of glorious often is met byFatigue, headache, Be addicted to sleeps, Trichomadesis, Inappetence, EyesightAmbiguous torment. Make work efficiency drops, is this why? Because the job is nervous,this is, the life not regular food is malnourished cause. Many white-collar clansman Morpheus are insufficient, early morning上海品茶工作室

can sleep ten minutes more, it is greatest enjoyment it seems that, often do not consider on have breakfast, lunch also because of busy and patchy. Because want a dinner party to perhaps time and domestic person reunite, be forced to enjoy broomcorn sapid dinner, "Busy " make your life rule arbitrary, also disturbed a variety of physiology functions of your body, especially function of gastric bowel line. Tight life and mood make digest enzymatic decrease, alimental is digested and suck receive bad influence, cannot time ration dines with reasonable collocation all sorts of food上海水磨
, will unwarrantable the supply of enough energy and vitamin, some green girls are afraid of get fat, be on a diet inconsequently, carry feed, reduce weight with hungry method even. So sure happeningHidebound, the inadequacy of energy and nutriment, sure cause mind the depressed, easy exhaustion, feeling that often has ability not equal to one's a广州夜网论坛
mbition, work efficiency drops.

White-collar clansman works indoors all day, movement is little, accept sunshine little, easy happening collocation of vitamin D inadequacy, food is unreasonable, food is drab, 3 eat allocate unreasonable, calcic, iron, zinc absorb inadequacy. Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, of vitamin C absorb inadequacy. The absorption that these vitamins are affecting calcium and use, influence skeleton stores calcicly quantity, also affecting vision, taste and neurological function, can affect gastric bowel and the function with heart hemal head for a long time, airframe resistance also drops, affect working quality not only so, healthy quality also can drop stage by stage.

White-collar clansman should retain exuberant vigor, nimble thinking and strong and handsome physique, accept the following proposal please:

Life rhythm is fast and not random; 3 eat assure artful arrangement;

Food diversity is not carried feed; Gallinaceous duck cruelly oppress wants right amount;

Meat of vegetable fruit meat has; Do not persuade smoke wine from consider;

Snatch a little leisure from a busy life runs ran; Sunshine bounty protects health.

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